Simple Truth #2

Based on 5 “simple truths” about God and our relationship with Him.


No place in all creation is beyond the presence of the Lord of Creation. He assures me of His presence in His Word, both from His own words and from the testimony of the writers who knew Him.

How often I can find myself acting a lot like Peter did when he saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter asked Jesus to let him walk too. Jesus invited him and they walked together. Then, Peter seemed to have forgotten that Jesus was with him, and he chose to focus on the creation around him rather than the Creator beside him. In taking his focus off of Jesus, he began to sink in the water. Crying out to the Lord brought restoration of his footing. Together ONLY they continued strolling on the water. (Matthew 14:22-33)

Because the Lord is ever-present, I am not alone. He may be silent, or He may be fully evident while present. Either way, because of His very nature, I can continually be assured of company, someone with me, someone to listen to me. I can choose to pay attention to Him and welcome His company or I can ignore Him — just as Peter did on the water. The truth for me to cling to is that I am never alone.

* * * * * * * * *

Each truth is depicted in three card designs using black and white photos of barns and other rural settings from Southern Illinois.  The cover scriptures connect with the truth that is noted on the back of each card.  

The 5 Simple Truths were birthed during a season of prayer and self-reflection.  Life was quite a struggle during that time, including some unhealthy thoughts about myself, others, and life.  As part of His process of helping me break free from those, the Lord helped me to sort out the lies I was believing about myself, others, and life.  Then, He drew me into His Word, showing me His Truth that counteracts each of those lies.  Those simple truths were a part of my emotional healing in that season and have become a line of greeting cards as well as a sermon.

All cards are blank inside. View the greeting cards by clicking hereView greeting card images for Simple Truth #1:  Barn26NA    CabinNA    Barn29NA


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