Simple Truth #5

Based on 5 “simple truths” about God and our relationship with Him.


Nothing I could ever do could cause God to cherish me. Also, nothing in my ability to do could ever make Him not treasure me. He chooses by His own will to delight in me (Psalm 18:19), to rejoice over me (Zeph 3:17), to choose me (Isaiah 41:9) and to love me (Jer 31:3). It’s that word “delight” that just gets me.

“Delight” means to take great pleasure from something. I am reduced to tears at the thought of my life being something that brings God great pleasure or intense enjoyment. As I read in His Word, I see that He has made me His child, and as a father’s heart can be stirred to joy just by seeing his child, so it must be with my Heavenly Father. Though oftentimes I can hurt His heart so deeply, He chooses to look at me through the lens of the cross on which He died for me. He would rather die than live without me, so that one day I’ll see Him face to face.

I wonder … Can you imagine walking up to Him, seeing a smile spread across His face as you approach, then seeing His nail-pierced hands enlivened as He applauds the very presence of you, His child? How true it is … We are valuable to God.

* * * * * * * * *

Each truth is depicted in three card designs using black and white photos of barns and other rural settings from Southern Illinois.  The cover scriptures connect with the truth that is noted on the back of each card.  

The 5 Simple Truths were birthed during a season of prayer and self-reflection.  Life was quite a struggle during that time, including some unhealthy thoughts about myself, others, and life.  As part of His process of helping me break free from those, the Lord helped me to sort out the lies I was believing about myself, others, and life.  Then, He drew me into His Word, showing me His Truth that counteracts each of those lies.  Those simple truths were a part of my emotional healing in that season and have become a line of greeting cards as well as a sermon.

All cards are blank inside. View the greeting cards by clicking hereView greeting card images for Simple Truth #1:    Barn34VG    Barn38VG     CombineVG


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