PawsNPrints: HorsLaf

Joy of the LordHorsLaf-WM

There’s a feeling that goes deeper than happiness, that’s saddled to something more powerful than circumstances, possessions or people, and that can take you on a ride beyond any sunset … When a heart knows Jesus, really knows Him, and has become convinced of His faithfulness, power and love, it’s that heart which holds onto this feeling of joy–inexpressible, indescribable at times! Joy itself, because it comes from the Creator of life, transforms into more than a feeling,.. into an attitude that can carry a heart through all kinds of terrain that can be encountered in this life.

Greeting Card Design:  BDAY-HorsLaf click here to view in the Kat Kreations online katalog.

For a few years, Kat lived in a cottage on an Arabian horse farm.  This photo took some patience and led to a few shots of the horse seeming to laugh.


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