Child’s Eye: BabyNDog

Selfless GivingBabyNDog-WM

Ever seen a sight so out-of-the-ordinary that you can hardly believe you’ve witnessed it? Your jaw may have hung open. Your eyes may have stayed wide open as you examined what you were seeing.

One Man walked this earth and lived His life in one of those jaw-dropping, eye-popping ways. What was so different? He lived completely for the benefit of others. Even His death was intentionally for the good of others — not just those who liked Him. He lived and died for ALL others … including you and me, though we’ve never met Him in this life.

Jesus set aside all the glory of heaven as the Son of God to come to earth, walk as a human and be put to death on a cross. He did it ALL for others … including you and me!

Greeting Card Design:  BDAY-BabyNDog – click here to view in the Kat Kreations online katalog.  NOTE: The watermark only appears in the online version of the image in order to aid in protecting copyright.  Greeting cards and art prints do not have the watermark.


The photo used on the cover was provided by F. Winkler.


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