Lens Looks: Wagon

Travels Through TimeWagon-LJN

Decorations, sights, sounds, and more can stir in each of us memories of happenings, relationships, and experiences from our past. Some of those can bring a warmth and comfort as we look back. Some can prick us with a bittersweet taste or a darkened glimpse of things we’ve left behind. No matter what is associated with our memories, they’re still in the past.

As our days unfold ahead of us, we have the opportunity to journey down new paths, create new memories, and foster new connections with those around us. Both learning from our past and leaving it behind us move us toward the possibilities of our future.

One of the wonderfully comforting notions is that we never travel that journey alone. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8 NIV). Our routes, sights, and activities may change, but our Creator remains the faithful constant upon whom we can rely.

Greeting Card Design:  CMAS-Wagon – click here to view in the Kat Kreations online katalog (also THINK-Wagon).  NOTE: The watermark only appears in the online version of the image in order to aid in protecting copyright.  The greeting card version will include the LJ Newman watermark in a different location.


The photo used on the cover was provided by Laura Newman. See Through My Lens, LJ Newman Photographer on Facebook


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