Garden Views: CHAIR

The Prayer Chair

Some have a chair, some a couch; some choose a vehicle; some a silent nook. What’s your place like where you go to meet with the Lord? Have you ever sought that special place that’s all yours and His?

Imagine a spot where you regularly go to meet alone with your Father God … a place where you can express your adoration of Him … where you have the opportunity to confess what has been outside His will in your life because of your choices … where you can freely convey your thanks to Him for all He’s done or provided you … where you can seek His supply of every need you could ever have.

What did you see? Where did you imagine? Your Father longs to visit with you each day. Will you find that place to stop in your day, meet Him there, and give Him your full attention? … He’ll be waiting.FLWRCHAR

The Garden Views line includes cards with photos of uncommon garden pieces.  View the greeting cards by clicking here.


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