Garden Views: STOOL

Mercy Comes in Different Ways–Not Always OUR Way

‘Ever have “one of those days”? … when the stuff of life goes way out of control? … when one happening after another keeps you hoping for a break?

Some have defined “mercy” as “not getting what we deserve.” Many times, whether we notice or acknowledge it, the Lord works in our lives in ways which keep certain things from happening, so that we don’t have to experience them. Who knows?! He may do it so often that we are completely unaware of what has missed us or what we haven’t had to endure!

Then, there are those times when we long for something to end or to not happen, but He allows it anyway. He withholds His mercy. We can often think of Him as mean, uncaring, or even inattentive. However, when the situation or season comes to fruition, how many times have we been able to look back and see that God’s very best for us was to go through the experience with us, instead of prevent us from going through it?

In our finite vision of life, we can’t possibly see all the variables in our situations. Thankfully, our faithful Father sees the big picture AND He has our ultimate best in mind. He is always faithful and more than able to take care of ANYthing that comes our way … even on days that are far from “normal”!Stool

Photo taken of a garden creation designed by J. Will.  The Garden Views line includes cards with photos of uncommon garden pieces.  View the greeting cards by clicking here.